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Another worldly view

This site is dedicated to all the folks who made me what I am today: completely warped!

While this site is rated PG (parents should get their children's guidance), it is a safe place (but not a safe space). That doesn't mean odd things won't come of folks who read my pages or watch my videos. It also doesn't mean that I guarantee the sanity of any of my musings or the folks who believe them. It just means no one reading this will be physically harmed -- but please do remove all sharp objects from your pockets and move furniture with sharp corners far away so you don't fall on them while laughing. Liberal warning: if you are easily triggered, please leave, I don't pander to SJWs and am known for not being PC (in fact, quite the opposite).

This site has a number of pages that will work better if javascript is turned on. Turning on javascript will make your experience more pleasant, but is not required. No harm will come either way. If you don't see a line of red type below, javascript is not enabled.