Bandel military heritage

These people, have all taken an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic:"

Our oath has no expiration date

David Bandel: US Army, CW3 (Retired) served 1976-1996
Paul Bandel: US Army, CW4 (Retired) -- younger brother of David Bandel
Eric Bandel: US Army, PFC (Active) -- son of David Bandel
Dante Thompson: US Army, SSG (Active) -- grandson of David Bandel
Rachael Seinkiel: US Marines, SGM (Active) -- daughter of Paul Bandel
Jennifer Hall: US Navy, PO1 (Active) -- daughter of Lynne Bandel Parsley
Daniel Mendoza: US Army, SGT (active reserves) -- son of Lynne Bandel Parsley