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17 06 2014

Tue, 17 Jun 2014


Late in the evening of 15 June, a band of Somali al-Shabaab Muslim extremists went door to door in the Kenyan village of Mpeketoni. For hours they held townspeople at gunpoint in their own houses asking religious questions. Those who could not or would not answer the Islamic religious questions were murdered. Some 48 non-Muslims were slain by this group.

The definition of genocide includes: (a) killing members of a group on the basis of race, religion, or national origin (paraphrased).

The Muslim extremist attacks fall well within the definitions of genocide as defined by the UN. This is what happened prior to and during World War II. Are we to stand by again while this happens just because it's not in our back yard?

I have refrained from comments on religion and religious groups for a reason. I have yet to find a religious sect or pious person that doesn't espouse hate, hipocrasy, intolerance, or xenophobia. But those who add genocide to the list are the most abhorrent of all.

The UN should definitely act against this group and bring them to justice before the International Criminal Court that has the charter to hear these cases. Since WWII, despite other acts of genocide, this court has, however, been particularly impotent.

I would propse that the UN send a multinational force, but in this case, justice would be better served if the force was composed solely of Muslims who are not extremists, as a show of faith to the world that not all Muslims feel all non-Muslims must die. In fact, true followers of Islam should be embarrased by the actions of extremists around the world.

Of importance in all this is not only to meet out justice to those who commit the acts, but to find out who the authors are behind these atrocities. As important as it is to capture the criminals to prevent future acts, it is just as important to find those religious icons responsible for the reprehensible teachings counter to Islam done in the name of Allah and ensure they are dealt with appropriately.


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