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21 08 2016

Sun, 21 Aug 2016

Surrendering Freedoms

I am so absolutely angry at the sheeple in this country, I want them all deported for stupidity and anti-patriotism.

I was at a college dropping off my #2 daughter this past weekend, and the school had activities to allay parents fears about leaving their precious child with the school. Well, my worst fears are well founded. Most parents left thinking their children were in good hands, my fear that they were left horribly unprotected was confirmed.

Guess I should explain. The Texas legislature saw fit to partially repeal the ban on handgun carriage in schools. Universities have been removed from the list of schools where you cannot carry self-protection. But they allowed private universities to opt-out and continue to prohibit weapons on campus.

Let's face it, not many students could carry on campus even if they wanted to. To get a CHL (concealed handgun license) in Texas, you must be 21 years old and pass a CHL class. On a campus of less than 1400 students (most under the age of 21 -- in fact, normally only seniors are in this age bracket), we're talking principally staff and faculty. And I personally know of no staff or faculty in any of the colleges I've been to who have a CHL. So basically, this college would go from 0 folks carrying weapons to 0 folks carrying weapons even if they did not opt out of campus carry.

So what's the problem? Well, two-fold really. The first is that the fact that no one is permitted to carry a concealed weapon on campus is not lost on the criminal element. The campus I work on is a perfect example of that. They routinely have students robbed on campus. They know no one but the conspicious uniformed police officers carry weapons. So, easy pickings. The second issue is a bit more insidious.

I have seen it many times before, mostly in other countries, but the cowardly sheeple here are promoting it. It's the surrender of freedoms we enjoy (or should enjoy) under the US Constitution that are slowly being eroded. Once surrendered, freedoms are NEVER given back. No government has ever returned a freedom to the people once they have willingly surrendered it.

Our forefathers meant for the Constitution to be the ultimate, sacred, irrevokable law of the land for every citizen. But the government is crafty. They have found ways to circumvent the Constitution. For example, if you want to fly today, you must surrender ALL your rights (Article 4, search and seizure; Article 2, right to bear arms; article 1, right to free speech; among others). In fact, the only rights you have today when flying are the right to shut up and be transported if and when the airline feels like it (at exhorbitant rates and paying through the nose even for water during the flight) and the right to die. Then they have the FSSA (false sense of security agency, the so-called TSA to allay the sheeple's fears) that, through sheer numbers should be able to stumble over a terrorist once a decade (although they never have, depite stumbling all over themselves). I'm waiting for the terrorists to decide they want to reign havoc once again. Trust me, it will be easily done (I know, I worked counter-terrorism for many years in the military).

We have been well-played by the terrorists. They have won. The sheeple have surrendered many freedoms for a modicum of security.

But I digress. What has prompted this rant is that during an informational session at the college, someone asked about campus carry and when the person in charge indicated that they opted out of the law, there was thunderous applause.

All I could think of was the Star Wars episode where the Galactic Senate forfeit their freedoms and appointed Senator Palpatine emperor (dictator) of the New Order (aka Galactic Empire). Yes, anyone who can see beyond their nose understands that once freedoms are given up, they will never be recuperated. But sheeple don't think.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety -- Benjamin Franklin, 1775, to the Colonial Governor. I will gloss over the fact that this is about money, not freedoms, but does ring strangely true here.

I doubt very much the cowards applauding the loss of an essential freedom understand its long-term consequences or the dire prospects for the future. They have been sold a bill of goods by a liberal media fueled by money from foundations that do not have individual liberties at heart. Hillary Clinton wants all Americans to be disarmed, doesn't believe anyone should be allowed to have a gun in their house for self-protection, doesn't believe the Bill of Rights applies to individuals, is herself surrounded by gun-toting thugs. Did I just call Hillary a hypocrite?

It's time to reaffirm the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land and the Bill of Rights as inviolable rights of every US citizen before these liberties are lost forever. The way it's going, the US Constitution will become nothing more than a quaint historical document for elementary children to be told about and then told "but we did away with all that nonsense years ago."

Traitors and enemies of the Constitution abound. The worst part is, most of these traitors and domestic enemies of the Constitution have no idea what they are signing up for. But soon, airplanes won't be the only place all our freedoms are surrendered. They'll be surrendered when you buy a house, a car, or just want to live in the former "Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave", now just becoming a land of the formerly free and home of the cowardly sheeple.


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