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13 11 2016

Sun, 13 Nov 2016

Mainstream Media

Mainstream media in the United States has certainly shown everyone how out of touch and irrelevant they really are. It's now apparent to me that a large portion of the US, like myself, doesn't pay any attention to mainstream media. I caught a youtube.com submission with a British journalist on a mainstream media show where she called CNN the "Clinton News Network."

The Clinton News Network? Well that had to be embarassing. I was in shock that that was aired. I personally don't listen to any media in the US as I lost all respect for them years ago. They certainly showed their colors during this election. None gave any credence to Donald Trump's candidacy. Even on election night they were in complete denial.

I think many of us can relate. In fact, the majority of Americans -- all those who voted for Trump. For the majority, I think I can say that if CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS news teams were all fired or the news shows cancelled, few would miss them. I tune in BBC mostly. I've been waiting for an actual unbiased news program to come on the air. But I think the days of unbiased reporting are gone, though I hope they can be revived.

Do there exist any outlets that we can look to for unbiased, accurate reporting? One news source I always found to be both accurate and unbiased, and with good coverage of important events is the Christian Science Monitor. But I only really looked at them for coverage of foreign events, and I haven't read them recently. I may try a subscription just to see if they are any better than the spindoctors and liberally-biased "reporting" (and non-reporting of anything that doesn't further their liberal agenda) that is conventional outlets.

I am so disappointed in today's journalists (I use the term very loosely). The schools teaching them are doing them and us no service. Liberal universities churning out liberal journalists that only know how to spin news to a liberal agenda. They need to get back to teaching what unbiased reporting is. We, the American people need and deserve unbiased reporting. Not just what is reported, but also in the stories chosen to be aired. A number of times important news was "missed" by all major networks while they aired pablum. In a few cases, the ticker had more important news than what was being reported on by the anchors.

I expect over the next few years that the liberal media will continue to lie and spin all the good things Trump will do in an attempt to reverse course in 4 years. But if this election has shown me anything, mainstream America is not buying what they're selling. US mainstream media will become even more marginalized. We can only hope someone steps up to fill the void with actual unbiased, balanced, truthful reporting. I'll watch that. And I'll be watching out for that.


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