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31 01 2017

Tue, 31 Jan 2017

Dems and the Left: Hate for hates' sake or Because Trump

Even since before the Election, the Democrats and the left in this country have been showing their true colors. Unmitigated hate and intolerance for anyone or anything that doesn't conform to their way of thinking. Our President, Donald Trump, since the day he won the election in November has shown nothing but his love and respect for this country and worked to improve the lot of ALL Americans has been the target of the lefts' unbridled rage.

Hatred and vitriol from Dems and the left that is inexplicable in its extremism and its incalcitrance has been his reward. So far, Donald Trump has done NOTHING new other than propose a wall to stem the flood of illegal immigrants tearing at the economic fabric of our society (not unlike walls many other countries have including the one Mexico has on it's southern border with Guatemala and the one between Israel and the Palestinian territory). But most of the left and particularly Democrats, who used to number among blue collar workers in this country, and were the most negatively affected by these illegal immigrants, revolted in November by electing Donald Trump. The agitators and haters, however, won't have it. Bankrolled by the billionaire ex-Nazi globalist George Soros, these lemmings scream profanities, vulgarities, and lies.

These agitators and haters are completely oblivious to anything resembling facts and intent on destroying everything that Trump does. I don't remember a single agitator out in the streets when Obama stopped Iraqi immigrants from coming to this country for six months in 2011, or when Jimmy Carter did, or when any of several other presidents enacted similar measures. In fact, they were raving about how great this was. Yes, Roosevelt's Japanese internment camps were wonderful unless you were Japanese-American. And if Obama had done what Donald Trump is doing now they would be ecstatic rather than vitriolic. The haters can't even take the time to read the Executive Order, calling it a ban on Muslims when the order does not contain the term Muslim anywhere in it.

Does this make any sense to you? It doesn't make any sense to any rational person. Illegal immigrants are dealt with swiftly and harshly in every country I know of except this one. Not enforcing immigration laws is the best way to destroy a country economically and socially. A country must first determine how many immigrants it can absorb, not just open the flood gates. Then, immigration officials let those at the front of the line in first in a measured way. No person can drink from a fire hose. But the haters insist we must. The human body can't take it, and our country can't take it. We need time to absorb, both economically and socially, these new arrivals. Illegals overtax both.

Refugees flooding in from parts of the world unused to our culture do the same thing. Our country is founded on the Constitution. Most countries where these refugees come from have no idea about our freedoms, they are used to the iron-fisted rule of Sharia Law. Many are indoctrinated in Sharia Law starting at the age of 3. But Sharia Law violates almost every article and tenet of our Constitution, our laws, and our way of life. Most Americans are incredibly ignorant of Sharia Law and what it entails. There is no "at best" with Sharia Law. Ask any veteran who has been to an area under Sharia Law and how women are treated. Can you imagine a woman who's been raped here trying to press charges and being told to provide the names of five (5) men who can testify on her behalf against her rapist and her testimony counts for nothing? I can go on for pages with the horrors I've seen perpetrated that are congruent with Sharia Law but incongruent with the US Constitution and our culture.

Anyone reading this believe murder should be condoned? Under Sharia law, it's not murder to kill an "infidel" (someone who does not believe in Islam). And to spare a family shame, honor killings are permitted. In one case I know of, a grandfather raped his 2 year old granddaughter. When the mother came home, she took the baby into the bathroom and drowned her so the family would not be shamed. That was the proper thing to do under Sharia Law. It was a female child, worth only half of what a male child is, certainly worth much less than the grandfather. No charges were ever pressed. What would have been the point?

I implore every thinking person to read up on Sharia Law and its implementation in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc. This abomination must never be permitted here. Jihadists are bound and determined to convert the US to Sharia Law. They aren't just here to kill infidels. However, not every Muslim believes in Sharia Law, thus the need for vetting. Many muslims already in this country believe in the Constitution and that Sharia Law cannot coexist here. Just not all feel that way.

Even the US Army, while I was in Bahrain, had to remove females from driving duty, particularly if they would have had to drive into Saudi Arabia. It would have created an international incident to have a US military servicemember stopped, pulled from the vehicle by a group of Saudi muslims and have her beaten to death by the men for violating Sharia Law. So while our female soldiers protested not being able to do their jobs, while in Saudi, it was for the best.

We must be certain that we are not letting enemies of the Constitution pour into this country by the thousands. Doesn't matter if they are muslim or not. Anarchists would be as unwelcome. They must be willing to abide by the Constitution and state and federal laws. If they believe Sharia Law is the ultimate law of their God and all others are subject to it, they will never be able to assimilate into our culture. We will not change for them, and if they won't change to be here, they need not come here. I object to calling this "extreme" vetting. I don't consider it so extreme. It is more than reasonable.

We see what the unthinking left and Democrats are doing right now, but they at least hold most of our values (though they make it difficult to believe when they are calling for the implementation of Sharia Law, hopefully something they do only out of ignorance and not spite). Now imagine that all these people who are demonstrating didn't hold our values, but demanded everyone bow down to Sharia Law and renounce the Constitution and the un-Sharia laws of this country (i.e., most of them). The thought is so horrifying it puts Stephen King to shame. Makes him look like a writer of romance novels vice horror.

The unthinking left has no idea what they are doing. Just that it's not a leftist Democrat in the White House. If it were, they'd react differently. But schools these days are creating lemmings. Not even sheople. Sheople at least act in their own best interests when the wolves are attacking and hide behind the sheepdog. But lemmings rush headlong to their deaths with no thought for the consequences. Lemming hate for hates' sake, and that is what we are seeing every day. What self-respecting woman calls herself "nasty"? What self-respecting man wears a vagina on his head? What self-respecting person deliberately screams "he shall not divide us" in an effort to create as much division as possible?

The mass media didn't cover the peaceful "pro-life" march following the hateful, divisive pro-abortion march. It didn't fit their agenda. This, despite the pro-life march being much bigger than the pro-abortion march. Nothing. Dead silence. Part of the problem is the mass media is no longer the fourth estate. They are part of the leftist problem plaguing this country. It doesn't help that they don't distinguish between LEGAL and ILLEGAL, but only talk about immigrants. They invent terms like Muslim-ban to mislead and antagonize. Doesn't help that they invent lies. That they are staffed with fiction writers and spin doctors, not even people who understand psychological operations (psyops as we called it in the military).

Many of the Californians that are calling out Trump for wanting to deport illegals, though, upon finding out their city is a sanctuary city, are reversing course. Sanctuary cities? Great! Just not in my back yard. I think relocating suspected jihadists to Hollywood is a great idea, but I suspect something Hollywood won't allow. Again, not in my back yard.

So the hate and divisiveness continues. If the mass media stopped covering the haters, there'd be little news, just the stream of hate and vitriol on the social media, of the left reinforcing themselves. And the left itself is so deluded, they believe that breaking the law by aiding and abetting criminals is a "good thing." Years ago they all would have gone before a judge and be imprisoned.

I, however, continue to hold out hope for America and even the unthinking, unreasoning left. All they need is to be spoon fed something less hateful and they will blissfully follow like the lemmings they are, and things will calm down. Of course, this won't happen until George Soros' funding of protests and paying protesters stops. But it won't any time soon, because Trump.


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